How to Point BigRock Domain to Dreamhost Hosting?

Point BigRock Domain to Dreamhost

BigRock Domain Registrar is one of the India’s Prime Locations for buying domains and they offer many special discounts which appeals users to buy more domains from them. Though, when it comes to Hosting, I hardly recommend BigRock, as for WordPress site hosting, they are unfortunately not the best. There are many good Webhosting companies out there and my recommendation is Dreamhost. The reason is quite simple, they are the best web hosting providers out there for newbies. Their easy to set-up one-click WordPress installation is the one big main feature. cPanel is designed so well for the easy user interface. In… Continue Reading »

About HTML Tables: A Beginner’s Guide for Developers

Beginner's Guide to HTML Tables

Tables are very useful to arrange in HTML and they are used very frequently by almost all web developers. Tables are just like spreadsheets and they are made up of rows and columns. What are HTML Tables? A table is made up of Rows and Columns. We all know about that but to assign particular number of rows and columns in a HTML table we use some tags. HTML Tags are made up of HTML Elements. An HTML element is an individual component of an HTML document or “web page”, once this has been parsed into the Document Object Model. Below is an example of the simplest… Continue Reading »

Apple iWatch News: Release Date, Rumours and Images

Apple iWatch

Normally we wear watch just to check time. If you check your normal wrist watch then it will show you time or moreover you will see Date and Temperature as additional features of your watch. But If you have a SmartWatch then scene would be much different. You may find that there is a text message past a Twitter notification which is next to your Email. After more than a year of relegation to “Next Big Thing” status on Apple’s Website, the SmartWatch is finally breaking out into the mainstream with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony… Continue Reading »

SOLUTION: How to Fix No Sound in YouTube Videos?

Fix No Sound in YouTube

I got to face a problem in the morning today regarding Sound of YouTube Videos. Till yesterday my YouTube was working fine. When today I played a video I heard no sound. I checked my speakers, sound drivers, sound etc. but found no problem with them. Even though the audio is lost and no sound is heard when the played Flash video on another third-party or external sites or blogs that embedded these YouTube and other sites’ videos, although the video still moving. The symptom happens when user’s computer is using Flash 8 or 9, and uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash… Continue Reading »

StoreDot Smartphone Batteries Go from 0 to Fully Charged in 30 Seconds

Storedot Smartphone Batteries Go from 0 to Fully Charged in 30 Seconds

Charging of phone has becoming one of the life’s inconveniences. Especially when you are going out for dinner or party and find your phone’s battery is fully drained. For the solution of this inconvenience, an Israeli start-up is promising to create a smartphone battery which can be fully charged in just 30 seconds. This will end up the problem of charging the phone for hours. About StoreDot Smartphone Batteries. This battery will be created by StoreDot. Company’s technology is totally different from lithium-ion batteries that powers most electrical devices. It is based on biological semiconductors which are made from naturally organic… Continue Reading »

End of Microsoft’s Support for Windows XP from April 8, 2014 Onwards

Support for Windows XP is Ending Soon

Windows XP is the longest reigning OS of all time in the world of computer and laptops. Windows XP was launched in 2001 and from the last 12 years this OS is meeting and fulfilling many requirements of millions of people at various sectors like Banks, Homes, Offices, Hospitals etc. But this 13th year is going to be the biggest disappointment for many of its happy users. Screenshot Courtesy: Microsoft Windows Unfortunately from Tuesday (April 8, 2014) onwards, Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. With the end of Windows XP, the biggest trouble is for the Worldwide Banks. However, According… Continue Reading »

Fix Google AdSense Crawl Errors for WordPress using Robots.txt file

Fix Google AdSense Crawl Errors

If finally you have got AdSense for your site then first of all Congrats. The reason I wished you “Congrats” is simply because getting Google AdSense Approval is not an easy task these days. Google have Tightened their policies because of increasing number of policies violations. Ok Now finally you’ve AdSense. On the first day of approval you felt very happy but the problem is as soon as AdSense started crawling your site, it is now showing up some crawl errors which is affecting your “Revenue Optimization” value. How to Fix Google AdSense Crawl Errors for WordPress using Robots.txt file?… Continue Reading »

Create interactivity among your posts by proper interlinking

Post Interactivity

Howdy Readers. Have you ever noticed “ALSO CHECK” sections and keywords interlinking at our blog? If not then surely you should check it. Actually we interlink our posts with each other to create an overall interactivity among them. There is a very huge importance of posts interlinking in terms of SEO, PageRank and impression on visitors. Our site appears in SERPs according to keywords of the search query so make your blog highly interlinked (not spammy) so that googlebots can crawl it effectively and add it to their index as soon as possible. Need to do it? It provides an… Continue Reading »

Smartly Interlink Posts Using Related Keywords (Wikipedia Strategy)

Smartly Interlink Posts (Wikipedia Strategy)

Interlinking posts matters a lot in terms of on-site SEO for better rankings on SERPs. It also provides an easy way to your visitors to navigate through your site easily. This results in increase in page views and decrease in bounce rate and both of these things decides your site’s Alexa Rank. Overall it’s a very important part of your blog’s SEO. Interlinking should not be in a bulk or spammy way otherwise maybe your blog gets neglected by Google on their SERPs because of their new policies. So it should be done consistently by which we can achieve our… Continue Reading »

Responsive Videos: Make YouTube Videos fit into any Device View

Responsive Designs

Responsive Design is the very first secret behind every popular website or blog. Responsive designs make your site structure auto adjustable according to the browser or the device you are visiting the site from. Responsive Videos is one another part of it. Today in the morning when I was checking my emails I found this email from one of our loyal readers. According to the email, the reader is facing a small problem related to YouTube videos. It’s already clear from the above email screenshot the problem is somewhat because of static structure of YouTube Videos. It looks fine on desktop… Continue Reading »