101 Greatest Inspirational Quotes of All Time

101 Greatest Inspirational Quotes of all Time

Here we are with the most inspirational quotes ever uttered, sure to stir you and get you moving through the day. Whether you feel stuck or just need a good dose of inspiration from great minds ever, these should do the trick. Be sure to feed your brain inspiring quotes and phrases daily, since it needs to be fed regularly just like the rest of your body. 101 Greatest Inspirational Quotes of All Time: 1. That out of sight is out of mind is true of most we leave behind. - Arthur Hugh Clough 2. The chapter of accidents is the… Continue Reading »

How to Automatically Share Posts on Facebook?

Automatically Share Posts on Facebook

Whenever someone visits your site, the first thing which tells about site’s popularity is its Alexa Rank and PageRank. PageRank is on the other hand directly depends on links to your site (also known as backlinks). But if we talk about Alexa Rank then it totally depends on only one factor i.e. Traffic. In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about “4 No-Alternate Ways to Boost Site Traffic Instantly” which is a must see post if you wish to boost site traffic instantly. The interesting part out of all the methods I discussed in that article is Social Sharing.… Continue Reading »

Dreamhost Review: Budget Web Hosting with User Friendly Interface

DreamHost Review

Hello Readers. We all know there are two aspects of blogging; one is Blogging for Fun and other is Blogging as a Profession. Everyone, almost everyone starts blogging with a free hosted blogging platform such as Blogger or Tumblr. I myself started blogging using Blogger. I continued to blog on it for about three months but later on, I finally realised the importance of a self-hosted blogging platform such as WordPress. Blogging platforms such as Blogger or Tumblr are best suited if you blog just for fun. But when it comes to Blogging as a profession then every experienced person (in… Continue Reading »

iPhone Trick: How to get rid of Red Notification Badges on your Apps?

Red Notification Badge

Tired of those annoying red notification badges on your iPhone apps icons reminding you of, say, new stories in your Facebook feed, and Twitter? HaHa Nothing is impossible in this world. It’s very easy to turn off any type of niggling alert badges on your iPhone’s home screen, provided you know where to look. Do you know? This tip will also work on the iPad and iPod Touch. How to get rid of Red Notification Badges on your iPhone Apps? Here is the trick. STEP 1. Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone home screen, then tap Notifications. Once you… Continue Reading »

How to Align Advertisements Side-by-Side Horizontally/Vertically?

Align Advertisements Side-by-Side Horizontally or Vertically

Sometimes we get into situation where we need to place 2-3 AdSense Advertisements, Chitika Advertisements, BuySellAds or any other advertisements side-by-side horizontally/vertically. Mostly we place horizontally aligned advertisements right below post title for maximum earnings because it is the place with high CTR (Click Through Rate). ALSO CHECK: Place Advertisements Below Post Title in Genesis without Plugins? Place AdSense below post title to maximize earnings For aligning an advertisement horizontally in respect to a second one, we just can’t simply place its HTML/JavaScript/iFrame/XHTML code right after the first one. Similarly for vertical alignment, we can’t place the advertisement code of… Continue Reading »

How to Point BigRock Domain to Dreamhost Hosting?

Point BigRock Domain to Dreamhost

BigRock Domain Registrar is one of the India’s Prime Locations for buying domains and they offer many special discounts which appeals users to buy more domains from them. Though, when it comes to Hosting, I hardly recommend BigRock, as for WordPress site hosting, they are unfortunately not the best. There are many good Webhosting companies out there and my recommendation is Dreamhost. The reason is quite simple, they are the best web hosting providers out there for newbies. Their easy to set-up one-click WordPress installation is the one big main feature. cPanel is designed so well for the easy user interface. In… Continue Reading »

About HTML Tables: A Beginner’s Guide for Developers

Beginner's Guide to HTML Tables

Tables are very useful to arrange in HTML and they are used very frequently by almost all web developers. Tables are just like spreadsheets and they are made up of rows and columns. What are HTML Tables? A table is made up of Rows and Columns. We all know about that but to assign particular number of rows and columns in a HTML table we use some tags. HTML Tags are made up of HTML Elements. An HTML element is an individual component of an HTML document or “web page”, once this has been parsed into the Document Object Model. Below is an example of the simplest… Continue Reading »

Apple iWatch News: Release Date, Rumours and Images

Apple iWatch

Normally we wear watch just to check time. If you check your normal wrist watch then it will show you time or moreover you will see Date and Temperature as additional features of your watch. But If you have a SmartWatch then scene would be much different. You may find that there is a text message past a Twitter notification which is next to your Email. After more than a year of relegation to “Next Big Thing” status on Apple’s Website, the SmartWatch is finally breaking out into the mainstream with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony… Continue Reading »

SOLUTION: How to Fix No Sound in YouTube Videos?

Fix No Sound in YouTube

I got to face a problem in the morning today regarding Sound of YouTube Videos. Till yesterday my YouTube was working fine. When today I played a video I heard no sound. I checked my speakers, sound drivers, sound etc. but found no problem with them. Even though the audio is lost and no sound is heard when the played Flash video on another third-party or external sites or blogs that embedded these YouTube and other sites’ videos, although the video still moving. The symptom happens when user’s computer is using Flash 8 or 9, and uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash… Continue Reading »

StoreDot Smartphone Batteries Go from 0 to Fully Charged in 30 Seconds

Storedot Smartphone Batteries Go from 0 to Fully Charged in 30 Seconds

Charging of phone has becoming one of the life’s inconveniences. Especially when you are going out for dinner or party and find your phone’s battery is fully drained. For the solution of this inconvenience, an Israeli start-up is promising to create a smartphone battery which can be fully charged in just 30 seconds. This will end up the problem of charging the phone for hours. About StoreDot Smartphone Batteries. This battery will be created by StoreDot. Company’s technology is totally different from lithium-ion batteries that powers most electrical devices. It is based on biological semiconductors which are made from naturally organic… Continue Reading »